Image Exhibition | Cathedral Construction 1840s-2009

The Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist is located on Ann Street in the city of Brisbane. The foundation stone was laid on 22nd May 1901 but the first stage was not commenced until 1906 and completed in 1910. The second stage, the addition of two bays to the nave, was consecrated on 22nd November 1968. The south-west porch was built in 1989-1990. The third stage of the Cathedral was completed in 2009 and was re consecrated by Archbishop Philip Aspinall on the 29th October 2009.

These images showcase the 1st and 2nd churches of St. John’s (at North Quay and Queen’s Park) and the three construction stages for the Cathedral in Ann Street.

There is also an image of St. Luke’s Mission Hall, which acted as the Pro-Cathedral during the construction of the 1st stage.

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