How to make a complaint

The Anglican Church Southern Queensland takes all complaints of misconduct very seriously.

The Office of Professional Standards will respond to all complaints or information of misconduct in relation to child sexual abuse (including child exploitation material and grooming offences), sexually inappropriate behaviour, sexual assault or sexual harassment (including a failure in these processes) by clergy, Church workers, the Bishops and Archbishop.

In responding to complaints received the Office of Professional Standards will be guided by the terms of the Professional Standards Canon and the Protocol for Responding to Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct.

Complaints about church workers

The first step in making a complaint is to call the Office of Professional Standards on 1800 242 544 for support and assistance.

You can also write to the Office:

Office of Professional Standards
Anglican Diocese of Southern Queensland
GPO Box 421
Brisbane QLD 4001

Mark your envelope “Confidential”.

Please be aware that the Office of Professional Standards has an obligation to report to the Police all matters concerning child sexual abuse.

Complaints about Bishops

The Episcopal Standards Commission is responsible for the investigation of complaints against bishops, including Archbishops, who are subject to the jurisdiction of the Special Tribunal.

Ms Jennifer Lum
General Synod Office of the Australian Anglican Church

02 8267 2700