God Calling is the primary resource for the Discernment and Ordination process. Read it thoroughly.

recommended readings

There are many books published that will assist you in the discernment of your vocation - ordained or otherwise. The document below contains a number of books which have been helpful to others in their vocational journey. Many are available in the DDOV Office or at the Roscoe Library at St Francis Theological College, Milton. Please do enquire if you would like to borrow any of the books listed, or you may choose to purchase a title to accompany you on your journey of discernment.

Recommended Reading for Vocational Discernment


St Francis Theological College is the place for theological education in the ACSQ. If you are unfamiliar with the College, you can get a sample of theological thinking through the St Francis College Short Courses, created to take people deeper into their faith and give them a greater understanding of the Christian faith and Anglican ways of thinking in particular.

Recommended Short Courses for those considering ordained ministry include:

Faith Asking Questions

Being Anglican

Understanding Worship

There are other courses available, but these will get you started if you aren’t sure what you need to know.


Listen to the vocation stories of ACSQ people - priests, deacons, students, lay ministers - to be inspired to seek out your own vocation. Each and every Christian should be ‘on call’ to hear where God is guiding us to use our gifts and talents.

There are discussion questions available below for each episode. Use them with your small group or start a new vocation discussion group!

On Call 2021 Episode 1 Unexpected Destination - Discussion Questions

On Call 2021 Episode 2 School Chaplaincy - Discussion Questions

On Call


The Vocations YouTube Channel has some videos which might inspire you, and we also recommend some other videos from around the world which feature priests doing diverse priestly ministry. If you want to watch something with your coffee or lunch, try these.

Anglican Vocations SQ YouTube Channel - videos produced here in the ACSQ about vocation.

Godspeed: The Pace of Being Known - a short film about a priest’s journey

Diocese of Toronto, Canada - Is God Calling you to be a priest?

Guided Prayers and Reflections

At the heart of all stages of discernment and ministry, is prayer. However you pray, continue to undertake it regularly, even and especially when it seems like you are not being heard or answered.

The ordained ministry in one sense is being the jack of all trades, but you must try to master one, prayer.  Most of us are not good at it but persevere. A relationship with God can only be achieved through talking, listening and responding through the Holy Spirit.

 Personal reflection and guided prayer activities are among the best ways to calm the nervous thinking about vocation and rest in the knowledge that we are known and loved by God, whatever our vocation.

The booklet Discerning Vocation contains some prayerful activities to help you reflect on your life and vocational prompts. You can download it and work through it alone, or with a spiritual companion or study group.

Anglican Communion Websites

The Church of England has an excellent site and is worth spending some time looking at.



Diocesan Guidelines and Documents

The Parishes Regulation Canon provides information at Regulation IV on Stipends; Regulation V on Provision of Housing; and Regulation VI on Travelling Facilities (cars etc).

Support People

You should build up a network of people who will pray for you, advise you, and/or answer your questions about vocation. These could include:

  • your Parish Priest

  • a Spiritual Director

  • a small group or study group

  • your current Priest’s spouse

  • the Clergy Spouse Fellowship


You can contact the Rev’d Canon Sarah Plowman, who is responsible for the Discernment process via email DDOV@anglicanchurchsq.org.au or contact her office on 3902 1814.